The International Social Sciences Review

The International Social Sciences Review publishes articles written in rigorous academic approach. The focus of the articles can range from empirical contributions and case studies to a wide range of research on multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary practices, as well as reflections on sociological knowledge and applicable methodologies.

The journal is peer-reviewed and only original articles written in English are accepted.

Scientific Committee

Editors in chief

  • Lisa Hodge, Victoria University, Australia.
  • Álvaro Luna García, University of Villanueva and UNED, Spain.

Editorial Board

  • Avkash Daulatrao Jadhav, University of Mumbai, India.
  • Karim Javier Gherab Martín, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain.
  • José Antonio Mingolarra, Universidad del País Vasco, Spain.
  • Norma Rodríguez Roldán, Universidad de Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico.
  • Lucía Sutil, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain.
  • Nishi Pandey, University of Lucknow, India.